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Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

As a result of 2019 Negotiations between General Motors and the unions, hourly retirees will be provided a special opportunity to update their life insurance beneficiary record. Although retirees may update their beneficiary at any time, MetLife will be providing additional staff to assist with any questions or concerns during the period of June 22, 2020 through November 20, 2020. 

MetLife will begin a staggered mailing of letters to all U.S. hourly retirees starting the week of June 22, 2020 through the week of September 28, 2020. The mailing will include Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), a beneficiary designation form and a return envelope. A notice confirming the retiree’s current beneficiary(ies) will also be included in the mailing for those retirees who have an electronic beneficiary designation on file with MetLife. The letter provides instructions on how to update their beneficiary, either online or via a paper form. However, online beneficiary updates are encouraged. 

All U.S. hourly retirees living outside of the United States will receive a similar mailing, but these retirees cannot update their beneficiary online. They are required to make any updates to their beneficiary via a paper form.

 Retirees should contact MetLife using a special GM beneficiary phone number (1-866-607-9794) only if they have questions regarding access to the website or completing the form. Retirees are encouraged NOT to call MetLife to confirm their current beneficiary of record. If they are uncertain as to their beneficiary, they should submit a new beneficiary designation via the website or by using the paper form to ensure their designation is in line with their most current wishes. A beneficiary confirmation letter will subsequently be generated to the retiree.

 Included are the following:

Retiree Letter - U.S.
Confirmation Notice
Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation Form
Retiree Letter with Confirm - U.S.
Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: although the retirees receiving the mailing may currently have a paper beneficiary designation stored in their file, this is an effort to obtain updated information so that it can be available electronically to both the retirees and MetLife.

 If you have any questions regarding this letter or attachments, please contact Daun Miller at 1-313-600-3621.

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