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GM Unit Strike Duty Information

 *****Below are links to the strike information letter, strike duty lists, and gate location maps. Read the letter first, then find your name on the pages(they are in alphabetical order)*****


Our Conduct - Gate Captains direct the individual gates with the assistance of the Strike Committee. We need to show a confident and strong presence while also gaining the support of our community through picketing with integrity.  Also, the City Fire Marshal has determined that we are not to use burn barrels, pits, etc., only propane heaters used safely.

There has only been one change to the strike duty lists, it was made during the week while we were still working and was reposted on paper and electronically.  The mechanics behind that change were also posted electronically.  Shifting the gates from LRS/LDT to LGR didn't change gate duty day or shift time.  LGR gates have more exposure and backup LGR gates were notated on the strike duty map.  Thank you for your support.  LRS Gate 2 was closed due to the CN railroad kicking us off property.  Members with those duties were contacted via their most current phone number.    


9/16/19 1:44 PM
Due to the large amount of LDT and LGR/Stamping members at location LRS 2, we are activating our backup duty location LGR 2. If you are scheduled to report at LRS 2, please report to LGR 2. Times and days are NOT changing. We will have folks making sure that nobody is stranded at the gate and our current Kitchen Duty members Kevin, Fred, and Keith are calling people to let them know as well. Thank you everyone !!!!!!

9/15/19 3:54 PM

If your normal shift begins before 11:59 pm on 9/15/19, you should still report to work as normal. As it relates to strike duty, Day One begins at 2 a.m. on 9/16/19. If you volunteer for additional gate duty, you must still complete your scheduled duty. Thank you all for what you do!




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