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As the expiration of the GM Units contract nears, all members should be prepared for the possible outcomes. The local has held an informational meeting and covered related topics in the last few Worker to Worker newsletters. This informational link provided by the International UAW will help you gain a better understanding of strike pay and duties.  Also, see the presentation file below, which expands on the FAQ page.  Further detail and additional information will be available as the process continues. Please share this link with any member you encounter who seems to be unsure of the strike pay basics.

 LAFCU was founded by UAW Local 652 autoworkers
more than 75 years ago, and many of our members are autoworkers. We are so proud to serve
them and are here to help.  LAFCU Strike assistance.


If you need assistance, start with


Stay in your home!,4641,7-141--370865--,00.html


 Also, utilize the attached letter to creditors and other financial tools as you need them.


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