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All Units Election Notice **UPDATED 7-23-2020**


Election Notice for all Units.

Click the link below for a PDF containing official documents.

UPDATE 7-13-2020
The GM and Ryder Units will hold elections 7-22 thru 7-23 5a.m. to 5a.m.  See Union board for details. 

UPDATE 6-22-2020
Click the 6-22-20 link below for nomination announcements for the district and unit elections

UPDATE 6-18-2020
Click the 6-18-20 link below for election results

UPDATE 6-08-2020
Click the links below for nomination results and June 17th election notice.  

UPDATE 5-18-2020
Click the links below for new election and nomination announcements for the general election, and unit elections.  Click on Notice 1, 2, and 3.   

UPDATE 4-15-2020
Click the link below labled "update".  This will describe the steps being taken in regard to the election dates and Covid-19.

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