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Navigating Michigan's Unemployment Insurance System



The Unemployment Insurance Agency is now part of LEO, Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.

Many of Michigan's websites, including MiWAM for Unemployment benefits have combined under one login, called MILogin.  You can create a MILogin at any time, but you will be asked to create an account from the LEO/MiWAM site in order to procede with the process.

There is a toolkit to guide you through the process, you can access the document here: 

There is also informational links on the top right of the LEO page.

Start here:,5863,7-336-78421_97241---,00.html
Scroll down to MiWAM and click the "for workers" tab.  You will be guided along from there.


Additional links below with GM specific dates and language 


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