Michigan State University Post UAW-GM Strike Survey


During the 2019 UAW strike against General Motors, Michigan State University conducted a survey of striking workers. This survey was designed to help labor understand which issues are important to the membership, give the membership an idea of the issues that are important to each other, and also provide a glimpse on how the strike affected the membership. The labor department at MSU will also gain vital non-personal information to further their efforts as they study labor and manufacturing.

The survey in this link is a post-strike survey designed to augment the survey given during the strike. Summaries of the survey results will be reported here at a later date. Any links to the full data will also be posted if provided by MSU.

Over half of the membership took part in the initial survey, let's work towards getting that participation rate up closer to 100%.

Thank you for your time and commitment to this important educational opportunity.