Strike Preparedness Information

A strike instructional letter will be distributed when the International Auditing and Strike Department contacts the local hall with dates for registration.  You will be on strike and completing strike duties before registration occurs.  The new electronic process is only available at registration. 

Gate Duty- digital HERE.  PDF HERE.  QR Code on bottom of page.  The strike team will work to accommodate scheduling conflicts to the best of their ability after the strike begins.  Keep in mind, strike duty is only 4hrs per week compared to your normal 40-60 hrs. per week.  Also keep in mind that we must staff gates 24hrs a day, which will require a small sacrifice by all.  If you find a member to switch with, communicate that to the strike team after the strike has begun.  Strike benefits REQUIRE registration and completion of YOUR strike duties. 

**Click HERE for FAQ's and Q&A in the event a strike is called against General Motors.

UAW Strike Assistance Program Trifold HERE 

Big Three negotiations updates HERE

Bargaining 101 HERE 

Unemployment resources HERE 

Take note that strike benefits will now be distributed via direct deposit.  Benefit and direct deposit registration will be completed digitally.  Please take the steps to prepare for that process. 

Financial Secretary, Matt Schneider, has published an informational letter concerning the new direct deposit/registration process.  Please see below.