Updated 09/30/21 Lansing Grand River Facility Layoff Info / Unemployment Info

Temporary Layoff at the Lansing Grand River Facility 

Unemployment and FMLA are Government programs between the member and the specific agency.  Benefit Representatives can only assist in a very limited capacity.  You are best served by contacting the appropriate Government agency with questions or concerns with their programs.  1-866-500-0017 or https://uiaappointmentscheduling.as.me/schedule.php

Update 09/30/2021

GM management announced that LGR will resume 1st shift production on Monday, Oct. 4. Second shift Paint and Body (and associated 2nd shift support) is scheduled to restart on Monday, Oct 11. Please report at your normal scheduled time unless otherwise directed by your manager.

Lansing Regional Stamping (LRS), will run full production on first and third shift the week of Oct. 4.
LRS Die, Maintenance, Materials, Production Team Leaders and Quality employees impacted will be contacted by their manager.  We anticipate returning all employees the week of Oct. 11 pending part availability.  No changes for Lansing Grand River Stamping (LGS) next week.

COVID Safety Protocols and entry procedures are still in effect.  Please refamiliarize yourself by reading the signage at entryways or by contacting your group leader. 

Update 09/23/2021

GM stamping management announced that Lansing Regional Stamping (LRS) will return all production crews on first shift for the week of Sept 27.  LRS trades, material, quality, team leader, and die employees impacted will be contacted by their manager.  There are no changes to the Lansing Grand River Stamping (LGS) schedule for the week of Sept. 27.      

Update 09/09/2021

GM management announced that LGR will take downtime the weeks of Sept. 13, Sept. 20, and Sept. 27 due to supply constraints from international suppliers experiencing COVID-19-related restrictions. Some employees may be required to work and will be notified by their manager.

LGS will reduce production operations to one XL crew on 1st and one XL crew on 2nd shift.

LGS Die, Maintenance, Material, Quality and Launch employees impacted will be contacted by their manager.

LRS will return one AA crew in addition to the current B crew.  Some employees may be required to work and will be notified by their manager.

As the situation continues to evolve, we will provide regular updates. 

Update 09/02/2021

Per management:

Lansing Grand River Stamping (LGS), currently operating on two shifts with three production crews, will not change for the week of September 6. LGS Die, Maintenance, Material, Quality and Launch employees impacted will be contacted by their manager.

Lansing Regional Stamping (LRS), currently operating on one shift with three production crews (AA1, AA2, & B32), will reduce production operations to one crew (B32) on 1st shift only for the week of Sept 6. LRS Die, Maintenance, Materials, Production Team Leaders, & Quality employees impacted will be contacted by their manager.

Update 08/12/2021 

Stamping will adjust their operating plan as follows:

Lansing Grand River Stamping, currently operating on one shift with one production crew, will resume full 1st and 2nd  shift production operations to two crews starting on Monday, August 16. LGS Skilled Trades and Materials will be full three shifts.

Lansing Regional Stamping will recall (1) AA Press team on 1st shift only, effective Monday, Aug. 16th. Impacted team members will be notified by their manager.  With LDT continuing their downtime for the weeks of 8-23 and 8-30, LRS employees currently laid off will remain on layoff.  Some employees may be contacted to return to work sooner.  

Update 07/05/2021  

Directions for Bonus Pay - Week 6/11/21
It has come to our attention that the auto-SUB for weekending 6/11/21 will not process due to a system error between our SUB-Pay group and UIA. Under normal circumstances, when the Bonus is reported accurately (in this case $1000 gross) the MI-WAM system would send a charge to GM. Because of this system error a paper SUB-Applications for each member will need to be submitted. Starting the week of 7/6/21 we will have benefit reps. stationed in the plants to collect the necessary information. It is critical that you claimed the correct amount when certifying with UIA. The correct amount for weekending 6/11/21 was the gross amount of the bonus $1000. If you claimed the after-tax amount you will need to file a protest with Unemployment. This is paramount, if what was claimed with unemployment is not correct and a SUB-pay application is submitted it could forfeit your right to future SUB-Pay payments. During these 2-weeks please do not place benefit calls for this issue as we have individuals that have been assigned to take care of the problem.
What Benefits will need:
• We need a copy of your Summary of Payments for weekending 6/11/21 from your MIWAM account. For those without a MIWAM account you will need to request this from Unemployment as we do not have a way to get this information for you.
Collection locations:
Tuesday and Wednesday - General Assembly Cafeteria 6am-4:30pm
Thursday- Paint Cafeteria and Body Shop Cafeteria - 6am-4:30pm & 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Update 06/18/2021  After you've claimed your bonus pay on unemployment you may receive an alert in you MiWAM account asking you to fill out a bonus pay questionnaire.  Click here for an example of the form and the suggested answers.  

Update 06/15/2021 Unemployment Denial for Failure to Perform a Work Search-GM Unit

We have been informed that anyone that was denied unemployment for the week ending June 5th for failing to perform a work search (and for that reason only) will be able to get 74% pay through SUB. To receive the 74% SUB employees who were denied will need to file a protest with Unemployment within 30 days of receiving their denial and provide a Benefits Rep. a copy of the Determination or Re-determination letter they received from the state showing the denial of their unemployment and a zero dollar amount. If at some point the denial of unemployment is overturned through the UIA’s protest procedure and the employee receives unemployment for the week of June 5th their SUB pay will be adjusted accordingly and the overpayment of SUB will be recovered by the Company.  Contact benefits through your Group Leader, or if you are laid off, 517-372-7581 ext. 500.  Leave a message if you get the answering system.

Update 05/06/2021  Please click HERE for an informational flier from the State of Michigan UIA.  This letter will be helpful to most, but not all LGR members when reporting after working two or more consecutive weeks.  There is also information and contacts for members who have UIA benefit issues, as well as registration instructions.

When speaking to a UIA representative make sure to ask for an employer filed claims representative.  Also, it is best to view MiWAM on a desktop/laptop.  You can also look for the desktop view option when using a mobile device. 
Also, please remember that any applicable SUB benefits are automatic in Michigan.  Manipulate your SUB benefits at your OWN risk.  Information on SUB can be found at gmbenefits.com

Update 04/26/2020  Update from management concerning returning to support production the week of May 3rd. The updated operations plan will maintain a 4 day/10-hour schedule.  Please be advised that this situation continues to be very fluid and volatile, details may change.   

The Body Shop and Paint Shop will run limited volume the week of April 26 and May 3 to enable GA to build the week of May 3. Body and Paint Shop employees will be contacted if you are required to work. GA, Maintenance, Material, Quality and LOC employees supporting GA are required to report to work on Monday, May 3 at your normal start time.

LGR will run limited volume on first shift going forward, more details will be shared upon your return.

As a reminder, COVID protocols are still in effect. Everyone will continue to enter the plant and go through the COVID protocol. 

Update 04/20/2021  This situation continues to be very fluid and volatile, affecting multiple GM assembly plants in addition to other makers and industries.  The latest update is as follows; Body, Paint, and specific support departments will begin making calls today and tomorrow asking for volunteers for 04/26/2021 dayshift.  At the time of this writing, all of General Assembly will be reporting on 05/03/2021.  Production plans after the week of 05/03/2021 will be on a week-to-week basis.  

We continue to ask that members speak to a UIA supervisor and also contact their elected officials concerning issues caused by errors in the Unemployment system.  Benefit reps cannot affect unemployment, only bargained SUB benefits. 

Update 04/09/2021  Attention LRS members, we have been notified that LDT has moved their down week to next week (week of April 12th). At this time it is expected to impact 2nd and 3rd shift at LRS. Management will be notifying those that will be affected.

Update 04/08/2021. LGR will be extending downtime through at least the week of April 26.. Some employees may be required to work during this layoff period and will be notified by their manager of the requirement. As the situation continues to evolve, we will provide regular updates.

Update 04/07/202  Management will begin contacting those members from Body and Paint who had previously volunteered to begin work on 04/12/2021.  Body and Paint will no longer begin the week of 04/12/2021.  As of this writing, there have been no changes to the previously announced start date of 04/19/2021.  As the situation continues to evolve, changes will be relayed to the membership.  

Update 03/29/2021  If you have attempted to certify Sunday night or Monday, the information received from the State last week did not come to fruition, not everyone will see both weeks to certify. 

  1. Continue to follow the process below in the 03/25/2021 Update.  Once you have completed that claim for 03/20, it will trigger the next week.  They are calling this the transitional claim. 
  2. The State then advises to log back in to your MiWAM on 03/30 or 03/31 and the pending claim for 03/27 will show up.  
  3. If the second week does not populate automatically after 03/31, you must contact the UIA.  Utilize the chat feature or dial 1-866-500-0017.  Thank you for your patience as we work with the State UIA on your behalf.      

03/25/2021  Unemployment Processing Update

When you log on to the main page of MIWAM, click on the claim ID number (you have to click on the numbers on the left side) of the claim with a benefit year begin date of 3/22/20. That should take you to a page that will show "to report timely you must report between March 29th and April 3rd" under the Alerts heading. You may have to go to this page when you certify. When it is time to certify there should be a link to click under that same Alerts heading that will take you to the page to certify for the last two weeks. We asked the direct question and the State confirmed that there will be both weeks there to certify for and the system will generate a transitional claim effective 3/21 for the new claim year.

Something else to be aware of. As if there wasn't enough going on already.

Per the Benefit Reps:  Most of you will be receiving a letter from GM layoff and Unemployment Center that states your MonDet will be expiring soon or is expired, and to take action with the state UC agency. Do not do anything with this, once you certify for your UIA benefits under the new UC benefits year this will renew with the GM Layoff & Unemployment Center (Sub-Pay Group). If you do not receive a letter, but your UC is paid this will automatically update our Sub-Pay group.

03/24/2021  Lansing Grand River Assembly will extend its downtime an additional two weeks through the week of April 12th.  Some employees may be required to work during this downtime and will be notified by management.  This situation is fluid and constantly evolving.  Management will continue to provide scheduling updates through its communication channels to keep you informed.  You can also utilize this website for updates related to production at LGR.

03/22/2021  The GM Bargaining Chairman has been in contact with Management and the State of Michigan.  The UIA is still processing our claim files.  You will see your MiWAM accounts update from today until possibly Thursday of this week. 

The Lansing Grand River Assembly complex will be going to temporary layoff status as of Monday, March 15th through at least the end of the month.  The membership of our Locals multiple units have done a tremendous job since returning to work last spring.  The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged manpower and supply chains for multiple industries.  This layoff was brought on by a parts shortage due to the ongoing semiconductor supply issue, which has been affecting automotive production across the globe in recent weeks. Automakers are battling with the consumer electronics and medical equipment industries for access to microchips as suppliers in China, Taiwan, Korea, and elsewhere try to ramp up production and keep up with growing demand.

This situation has been and will remain fluid.  The company will provide a schedule update later this month to all employees through its communication channels to keep you informed of any changes, and when to report back to work.  Those assigned to Lansing Stamping Operations will be notified if impacted.  Some employees may be required to work during this layoff period and will be notified by their manager of the requirement.

You can also utilize this website for updates related to production at LGR.  Click HERE for a helpful FAQ sheet put together by benefit and bargaining representatives to help guide you through the unemployment process.