Avancez Industries

An amalgamated unit of UAW Local 652, the members at Avancez Industries (AI) produce sub-assemblies for Lansing’s automotive industry.

Avancez Industries, 2051 South Canal Road, Lansing, MI 48917

UAW Local 652 Avancez Industries Unit Chairperson - Douglas Elders

1st Shift Committee/Recording Secretary:  Jerome Pierpoint  

1st Shift Alt :  Molly Fitzgerald

2nd Shift Committee :  

2nd Shift Alt : 

3rd Shift Committee: N/A

3rd Shift Alt : N/A

Sargent at Arms:

Member Services- 

Retirement Services - www.fidelity.com

Avancez Medical Claims / Find a Doctor -  www.ngs.com  1-800-521-1555

Vision -  www.vsp.com  1-800-877-7195

Dental -   www.deltadentalmi.com  (517) 349-6000

Avancez Absent Call-In -  Text to Team Sense 59230

Avancez We are Hiring - https://www.avancezassembly.com/careers/

2024 Tentative Roll-out Click Here