UAW Chaplaincy

Mark Baldwin – Chaplain

The Local 652 Chaplains serves people of all faiths and respects their faith as well as those who express no particular faith at all. The Chaplain does not impose their beliefs on others or seek to persuade workers to accept their religion or belief. The Chaplain Does NOT organize a church within the workplace. Our mission can be summed up by our motto: “Caring in the Workplace.”

All contacts between the worker and a chaplain are in strict confidence. No information will be shared with any member or officer of the local union or with management without consent of the worker.

Every Chaplain is a minister but not every minister can be a UAW Chplain. In addition to special training and experience, the UAW Chaplain must be able to work in a setting where the unexpected is to be expected.

A Chaplain provides services as requested and does not replace the workers normal Clergy contact.