GM Unit Tuition Assistance Program

All questions pertaining to TAP should be direceted to EdAssist/Bright Horizons.  You will find guidelines, rules, FAQ's, and document examples once you create an account.  Issues related to the Tuition Assistance Program or their website should be handled through the chat feature, help ticket feature, or the 1-800 number, all of which are located on the EdAssist website.  HERE

How to Create a New Profile in EdAssist/BrightHorizons

Step 1
Use this link to navigate directly to the EdAssist page.

Step 2
For new users, you will need to select “Join Today”.

Step 3
You will then be prompted to enter your GMIN ID.

Step 4
Once your GMIN ID is entered, you will be prompted to enter your last name and preferred email

Step 5
You will then select “Continue” and be prompted to verify your email. Once your email has been verified,
you will have the ability to access the EdAssist platform.