Unemployment Help & FAQ's

Unemployment Insurance is a government social safety net that has helped millions of Americans during its existence.  In Michigan, it is administered by the UIA under the direction of The Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity.  Being that this program is administered by the government and not a contractually bargained benefit, UAW-GM benefit representatives cannot affect issues with unemployment.  All Michiganders who file a claim, or have a claim filed for them by their employer receive an informational booklet from the UIA.  This information should be filed away for future reference.  The UIA's website has digital versions of this information, and they also have very helpful YouTube videos on the UIA channel.

While the Unemployment process can occasionally run into some snags, for many members the process works well.  For our GM Unit members, the fact that the company files the claim on your behalf is even more helpful.  As citizens of this State, if you feel there are serious issues with the UIA's system or simply room for improvement, we certainly encourage you to become civically engaged.  You can do this by speaking with a UIA supervisor, and by contacting your elected officials in Michigan.

Governor Whitmer Signs Legislation To Strengthen Michigan Manufacturing - Governor Whitmer signed Senate Bill 501, which allows workers temporarily laid off due to a manufacturing shutdown to continue to receive unemployment benefits without looking for a new job. Under current law, workers laid off more than 45 days ago are not eligible for a work search waiver. SB 501 recognizes that, in the manufacturing context, certain events triggering a temporary layoff like an equipment retooling, a parts shortage, or a temporary production volume adjustment, can last more than 45 days.  See the press release HERE

The UIA YouTube channel is HERE

Find the UIA handbook HERE

Find the MiWAM claimant toolkit HERE 

GM Unit Info Guide HERE

Please be aware, any error made by you or your employer may cause a disruption in benefits.  You are entitled to appeal, or work with the UIA to correct such errors.  The member must also be aware that appeals and adjudication can take 6 to 8 weeks and can be frustrating.