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Union Plus scholarships

Union Plus Free College Benefit,

LAFCU Scholarship (2023),  HERE

Terry Lint Memorial Scholarship (GRCC), click HERE for flier

 Ruben Burks Scholarship, click HERE for form

 LACCLA scholarship 2023, click HERE for flier and form

 Owen Bieber Scholarship at Grand Valley State University, HERE

 UAW Cal Rapson Endowed Scholarship & Fellowship at MSU,

Grand Valley UAW Region 1-D Scholarship, HERE

GM Unit Members - In 1983, General Motors Corporation entered into a Conciliation Agreement resolving the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) 1973 charge of discrimination against General Motors. The provision of the agreement endowed specified colleges and universities with funds to be used to provide scholarships in perpetuity for minority and female employees of General Motors and their eligible spouses and offspring. Under General Motors Corporation’s educational endowment and grants program, scholarship funds are made available annually to meet their designated purpose.  The list is elusive, but we are aware that MSU and UofM are on it.