GM Unit - laid off, retirees, active

1-25-24  Update GM Unit laid Off

With vacation payouts pending, it is important to review the UIA handbook sent to you, or visit the UIA website.  The UIA requires you to disclose vacation payouts.  They are looking for the gross amount, and it needs to be accurate.

1-18-24  UPDATE GM Unit Laid Off - Lansing Delta Township Assembly(LDT) job openings

We are anticipating that LDT will be posting for 44 full time seniority spots and 69 seniority temps spots in the next couple days so those on layoff or those that are active and have any interest in transferring to LDT, please keep a look out. Tentative plan is for full time seniority folks to report on 2/5 and the first group of roughly 20 seniority temps to report on 2/12.  The permanent seniority spots should be filled first.  So if you apply for both and have the seniority to get one of the 44 spots, that should tag first.  Please ensure your EPS communication preferences are up-to-date and visit the site often just to be safe. 

GM Unit Laid Off - The Employee Placement System (EPS) may have automatically submitted a transfer for LGR members to Factory Zero(DHam).  While Paragraph I in Appendix A of the National Agreement does allow involuntary placement into the extended area hire, the bargainers do not believe that applies in LGR’s situation. Below is the answer the bargaining team received from the Placement Department:

Why are members being placed in extended area hire for Hamtramck?

If they are on layoff the system will automatically submit an application for them. They should see an “L” in front of the application number, the “L” stands for Laid off. When on layoff members can be forced to locations that cannot fill the number of openings on the posting. That application is needed for them to receive that non-voluntary offer. They have nothing to worry about because there are plenty of volunteers for the DHam posting.

We were told that our members would not be involuntarily placed in extended area hire in accordance with paragraph "I" in Appendix A because of the company's decision to discontinue a product.

You are correct, but we are still working to get all the new logic implemented into the computer system. Until that is completed, we will continue to have things like this happen. Rest assured that your members have nothing to worry about as far as being forced to DHam goes.

Contact EPS - 1-586-981-1145

Unemployment System - The work requirement has been part of the unemployment system for some time.  During temporary layoffs, GM will typically submit a work waiver request to the State.  Since the recent layoff at LGR is indefinite, GM did not submit that request.  Members on indefinite layoff are subject to the UIA rules and requirements.  Your MiWAM account will show if there is a work waiver.  All concerns related to unemployment must be directed to the unemployment agency, there is no longer a liaison at the State to deal directly with Lansing area Locals.  UIA Customer Service Employer Filed Claims at 866-500-0017.  If you are SUB eligible, that is a benefit, and you can contact the GM Benefits & Services Center at 1-800-489-4646.  If you need additional assistance, a local benefit representative can assist you with SUB issues   

GM Unit Active - The new language concerning TAP and dependents was communicated during the rollout.  The 3rd party who administers TAP for GM has not yet updated the website and application for this change.  We currently do not have a timeline for when GM will provide Ed Assist/Bright Horizons with the required information to reprogram the website.

GM Unit Retirees - The National Parties were able to secure a $500 payment to eligible retirees for the life of the agreement; scheduled to be paid in December.  The proximity of the ratification and the month of December has caused GM some delay.  Most eligible retirees received their payments toward the end of December.  The remaining payments should be posted sometime after Jan 19th.  You must be an eligible retiree to receive the payment.  If you have questions about your eligibility or payment status, please contact the pension department at 1-800-489-4646.