GM Unit Retirees !Attention!

The UAW Retiree Medical Trust has sent out dependent verification requests to approximately 1/3 of all the members of the Medical Trust. The trust is wanting to make sure they are not paying insurance premiums for those that may have passed away or are no longer dependents. Keeping their costs in line helps them to keep premium costs low for the retirees and to increase benefits. Many retirees have called wanting to know if this correspondence is legitimate or a scam. It is legitimate! We realize that they are asking for personal documents that some are uneasy about or may not be able to provide. Click HERE to see a sample letter.  The bottom of this sample letter has a list of other documents the trust will accept for verification. Please respond by May 15, 2021 to avoid any service interruptions

Please help spread the word to fellow retirees who may not be as internet savvy.