UPDATE 2-6-24  Please click HERE

As part of the 2023 National Negotiations, the UAW leadership and management agreed to conduct a survey in December to enable Traditional Employees to express interest in participating in a Special Attrition Program (SAP). The SAP survey is intended to capture eligible employees’ interest in the program and preferred timing. The potential timeframes are: A: 1st half of 2024 (January - June 2024); B: 2nd half of 2024 (July – December 2024); C: 2025; D: 2026; E: 2027. This initial survey is not binding, but it will allow General Motors to collect the employee’s interest and preferred timing of separation. Expressing interest now does not guarantee participation. An official process will be communicated at a later date.

You can access this survey in Workday.  If you have an expired password or do not know how to acceess Socrates and Workday, Group Leaders, Local HR, People Services, and UBR's have been granted access in Workday to express interest on behalf of eligible employees and assist eligible employees.

  1. Log in to your Socrates page
  2. Navigate to the Workday tab on the left side of your screen.  On your phone, click the 3 lines on the left, click personal, then click Workday
  3. PC or Mobile, once the Workday page loads you will see your "Top Apps" section.  In the "Top Apps" box click on SAP Express Interest, follow the directions