All GM Unit UAW members please read here.  This is contractual language

To our LOC Unit members, please click here for an important update from

Official postings are located at the Union Hall and in the worksite Union Boards.

The contract negotiations for the General Motors Unit will be here before you know it.  For this reason, the UAW Education Department has converted one of its financial pieces of training to slides for easier consumption by our members.  All UAW Local 652 Units could be affected by a potential strike on General Motors, in addition to any action taken by the LOC Unit bargaining team.  Please take some time to complete this training and make sure that you and your family are financially ready to hold out against the company.  Even those members who have it "figured out", you may be surprised

For more than 45 years, the Family Education Center has been a place where UAW members and their families come together for an experience that combines education with recreation. 

It’s a place to learn about our union, unlock ideas and build new friendships with other UAW families. 

Organized members of the working class should always be civically minded.  The contents of our labor agreements can be subject to actions taken by elected officials who don't always have our labor interests in mind.  As a result of action taken by the citizens of this state, Michigan's district lines have been redrawn.  Please utilize this page to become more familiar with how the changes could affect you.  Please share, and please vote! 

UAW constituency group, LCLAA, is having a scholarship event and is also looking for sponsors.  Please see the attached for more information.

UofM Dearborn Center for Labor and Community Studies will be hosting its 48th Michigan School for Women Workers.  Please see attached for more information.  

Informational Flier HERE

Detroit - During the 2019 Collective Bargaining with Stellantis, the UAW bargaining team fought hard for an enhanced profit sharing formula that more fairly distributed profit earnings based on the company's unique structure. Today’s announcement that eligible UAW Stellantis members will receive an eligible profit sharing amount of $14,670 is a reflection of the hard work and dedication UAW members bring toward the success of Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and RAM sales.

Detroit - “Governor Whitmer understands that Michiganders are not just proud of our iconic past, but we are creating an iconic future in manufacturing.

And she understands the importance, here in Region 1A and around the State, of growing our Middle Class economy and at the same time remembers those retirees that made us a manufacturing marvel worldwide.